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[The Wave, by William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)]


Abendroth, Heide Göttner: The Mosuo as a Living Matriarchal Society
Briffault, Robert: The Mothers
Bulfinch, Thomas: Myths Of Greece And Rome
Daly, Mary: Gyn/Ecology
Davis, Elizabeth Gould: The First Sex
Davis-Kimball, Jeannine: Warrior Women
De Waal, Frans: Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape
Friedan, Betty: The Feminine Mystique
Fromm, Erich and Funk, Rainer: Love, Sexuality, and Matriarchy: About Gender
Gadon, Elinor W. The Once And Future Goddess
Graves, Robert: The White Goddess
Greer, Germaine: The Female Eunuch
Hancock, Graham: Underworld
Jahme, Carole: Beauty And The Beasts
Joslyn Gage.Matilda  Woman, Church and State: (1893)
Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching, Translated By Richard Wilhelm And H.G. Ostwald
Liedloff, Jean: The Continuum Concept
Lyons, Alana: Now It’s Our Turn
Malinowski, Bronislaw: Sex Culture And Myth
Markale, Jean: Women Of The Celts
Massey, Gerald: Ancient Egypt
Mears, Ray and Gordon Hillman: Wild Food
Meyerowitz, Eva: The Akan Of Ghan 
Meyerowitz, Eva: The Sacred State Of The Akan
Moir, Ann and David Jessel: Brain Sex
Mookerjee, Ajit: Kali: The Feminine Force
Morgan, Elaine: The Descent Of Women
Morgan, Elaine: The Aquatic Ape
Morgan, Elaine: The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis
Murray, Margaret: The Witch Cult In Western Europe 

Murray, Margaret:  The God Of The Witches
Neumann Erich: The Great Mother
Newark, Tim: Women Warlords
Nicholson, Shirley: The Goddess Re-Awakening
Pirani, Alix: The Absent Mother
Sjoo, Monica And Barbara Mor: The Great Cosmic Mother
Stone, Merlin: When God Was A Woman
Strurgis, Matthew: It Aren’t Necessary So
Walker, Barbara G: The Women's Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets

[Photograph by Fosco Maraini, from his book, Hekura, The Diving Girl's Island, of an ama diver returning to the surface.]

[“Sea Nymphs”, by Albert Laurens]

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From Japanese web-site

From Japanese Web-Site

[Photograph by Fosco Maraini, from his book, Hekura, The Diving Girl's Island.]

[Photograph by Fosco Maraini, from his book, Hekura, The Diving Girl's Island.]

[Photograph by Fosco Maraini, from his book, Hekura, The Diving Girl's Island.]